A favour….

Hey everyone, 

A friend of mine is doing some research into alcohol dependence, income, and treatments. He’s putting together a research proposal and needs some very preliminary data, and has asked me to post his survey. 

If you have every been diagnosed or treated for alcohol abuse, and live in Australia, Canada, USA, or Great Britain, it would be a great favour to me if you would consider taking 5 minutes to do this very quick survey. It will ask you about your diagnosis, your income, and your treatment, if you received any. 

I know this would be rather private information, so I promise you that it is completely anonymous, no one will have any information about you except what you provide. You will not be expected or to requested to participate beyond filling out this survey. 

Find the survey here:


In honour of addressing the issues raised by this research, and for gratitude for your participation, I will be donating $40 to a local harm reduction initiative. 


New Comic!

Apparently now that I’m not in school anymore I’m all about giant long-form comics. 

Identity is a really important topic to me, and the trope of ‘finding yourself’ is almost as problematic and insulting to me as the trope of ‘coming out’. 

I want to destroy the idea that some identities are less valid than others, the condescension that comes with ‘they’re just figuring themselves out’, and the insulting dismissal of identity exploration and performance in youth as being somehow not ‘real’, or as ‘attention seeking’. Fuck all of that. 

And beyond the fact that  ’inconsistent’ identities are really challenging socially, they ALSO carry these real, actual life and liberty risks; we’re expected to use the same name, orientations, values, languages, and identities across all aspects of our lives, we are expected to have normative identities that can be quantified and qualified and trust me, TRUST ME  when a person is perceived as having inconsistent or unusual identities they are being flagged in all sorts of systems for extra scrutiny and action. I know this from experience. 

So, yeah, this ‘one true identity’, this ‘finding yourself’, this ‘who is the real you’ stuff is bullshit. We are so, so much more interesting than that, and we deserve better.